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Capital Motion, LLC creates opportunity by resolving the natural tension between between the way things are now and how they could be. This work includes building companies and advising executives and boards. Our latest venture, Visible National Trust, is focused on closing the disability wealth gap.

The Special Needs Financial Services Institute (SNFSi) is an independent research program launched in 2020 by Capital Motion LLC. SNFSi’s mission is to expand the use of high-quality financial products and services by the nationally underserved market of 44+ million people who have a disability and those who care for them.

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Principal Biography & Experience

Lisa A. Cohen, CEO and Principal

Lisa is an executive and entrepreneur with multiple decades of leadership, operating, and advisory experience in both the financial services and nonprofit sectors.

Lisa’s executive and advisory roles in the financial services industry include John Hancock, Evergreen Investments (now part of Wells Fargo), LPL, AARP, LifeLock, and other big brands, and a number of boutique investment and financial services firms. Lisa has a track record of successfully developing, bringing to market, and growing financial products and solutions in partnership with financial and wealth advisors.

In her current role, Lisa provides advisory services to C-level leaders of charitable nonprofits focusing on strategic planning, market research, and bespoke board/leadership solutions and provides independent research and analysis of financial products for people with disabilities.

“I believe that “repair of the world” is a human obligation. I have long been committed to the principles of using capital to effect positive change. Today, I am passionately engaged in the work of building financial products and solutions that meet the financial planning needs of people with disabilities and those who care for them.

Lisa’s far-sighted thinking, analytical skills, and thoughtful candor and judgment distinguish her as an executive. Lisa is a published author (WealthBuilding) and industry opinion columnist (Fund House, and is a skilled manager of board and leadership dynamics.

Lisa’s experience includes P&L management, strategic partnership development, market research, strategy, project management & tactical implementation, product development, marketing, sales, and managing distributed organizations.

Lisa’s demonstrated commitment to impact includes signing the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and founding the Special Needs Financial Services Institute, which provides much-needed transparency and visibility into financial products for people with disabilities and the organizations that provide them. SNFSi’s services include market intelligence and pooled special needs trust provider profiles and ratings.

Lisa received her BA from Smith College and is an alumna of Harvard University’s Executive program on Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance.

Lisa’s board work includes serving as Treasurer of the nonprofit Cause Fund, as past president of both the Boston Smith College Club and Boston Women Communicators, as a founding board member of the historic Dwight-Derby House Board of Directors, as a member of the Advisory Board of investment firm Wellesley Investment Partners, and as a member of her community’s Historical Commission.

Special Needs Financial Services Institute™ (SNFSi™)

SNFSi is an independent research organization launched in 2020 by Capital Motion LLC. SNFSI’s mission is to expand the use of high-quality financial products and services by the nationally underserved market of 44+ million people who have a disability.

SNFSI’s proprietary database of pooled special needs trust providers covers all national and regional providers and includes in-depth analysis of each based on our independent research methodology. The database includes organizational information, contact information, services, fees and financials. Custom reports and provider profiles are available for purchase. SNFSi publishes a complimentary annual industry report that is available by request.

SNFSi provides market intelligence services including industry overview presentations, information packages for Boards of Directors onboarding, strategic relationship development and due diligence, market research, and competitive analysis.

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