Massachusetts’s Nonprofit Boardrooms: Is It Time Yet?

Over the past 10 years there has been virtually no positive change in the composition of the C-Suites of the largest MA nonprofits, leaving incredible talent and opportunity on the table. The details are here, in The Boston Club’s 2019 biennial Census of Nonprofit Board CEO’s and Boards.

Intentional Nonprofit Board Service, authored by Lisa Cohen and included in the 2019 Census, is a qualitative research report that includes interviews with 17 Boston Club members who serve on major nonprofit boards. The report demonstrates the importance of board members’ own active and structured management of their entry and participation into nonprofit board work to their effectiveness and progression in their roles. The report describes directors’ “intentional” actions, such as working to become “visible faster” in order to maximize opportunity and success.

This qualitative report also includes a set of recommendations and actions for improving board diversity and effectiveness.

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