SNFSi Launches First National Database of 100+ Special Needs Financial Services Providers

Cape Cod, MA, August 9, 2021 – The Special Needs Financial Services Institute (SNFSi) launched today the first continually updated national database of nonprofit Pooled Special Needs Trust Administrators. This resource is available by subscription to professionals for $25 per month ($300 annually). Personalized provider searches and reports are now available to individuals and families for $25.

There are more than 43 million people (one in seven) in the US with a disability, according to the 2020 Annual Disability Statistics Compendium, Institute on Disability, UNH. Living with a disability effectively increases the cost of living by 28%, according to the National Disability Institute, compared to living without one.

Special Needs Trusts are one of two categories of financial planning solutions, including ABLE tax-advantaged savings accounts, specifically for people with disabilities. Nonprofit organizations administer Pooled Special Needs Trusts, some of whom also offer services for people with disabilities and their families. There are different types of both individual and pooled trusts which can serve slightly different purposes. Special Needs Trusts administer investments and distributions from trust accounts benefitting specific individuals.

SNFSi’s database enables advisors to conduct due diligence on specific pooled special needs trust providers and connect clients with resources that best meet their personal needs. There are more than 100 national and regional pooled special needs trust administrators across the county. They offer a wide variety of services and trust administration solutions at different cost structures. “SNFSi makes searching, sorting, and identifying the most suitable solutions for each person and circumstance a straightforward and accessible process,” says Lisa Cohen, CEO. Detailed information is available online at or by calling 800-760-4243.

The Special Needs Financial Services Institute (SNFSi) is an independent research organization launched in 2020 by Capital Motion LLC. SNFSi specializes in analyzing, evaluating, and rating financial products for people with disabilities and the organizations that provide them. Our mission is to expand the use of high-quality financial products and services to this nationally underserved market of 43+ million people. SNFSi offers database subscriptions to professionals and custom searches and reports to individuals and families.


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