2021 Pooled Special Needs Trust Industry Report: Crossroads. January 2022. What’s changed, what hasn’t, and how the industry is positioned to meet the needs of its clients and partners.

Pooled Special Needs Trusts Ratings. May 2021. Research framework and process.

Investing Money for Vulnerable People. April 2021. Special guests Chad J. Oviatt, Director of Investment Management, and Jordan Mosher, AIF, Specialty Trust Advisor, both of Huntington Private Bank.

Retained Funds: Blessing or Curse? March 2021. The seniority of PSNTs’ claim to assets over Medicaid is a double edged sword. Special guest Kevin Hayde, Executive Director of Wispact, Inc., joins us to discuss.

ABLE and PSNT: Better Together? February 2021. A collegial approach to serving this market seems like a good idea. But is there a catch? Special guests Doug Jackson, Deputy Director – STABLE Accounts – Office of the Ohio Treasurer of State and Haley Greer, J.D., Master Pooled Trust Director, The Arc of Texas.

Capital Reserves for Nonprofit Pooled Special Needs Trust Administrators. January 2021. With special guest Shannon Crowley, CPA, MSA, of CliftonLarsonAllen LLP.

Optimize Your PSNT’s Investment Advisory Relationship. November 2020. With Special Guest Tom LaHaise, ChSNC, SVP at Wellesley Asset Management, Inc.

Demystifying PSNT Growth. October 2020. A close look at dynamics and timelines of product lifecycles and launches, and realistic tools for scaling PSNT distribution programs so PSNT leaders can evaluate and implement for maximum effectiveness.

Pooled Special Needs Trust Industry Report 2020. September 2020. First annual presentation about the more than 100 Pooled Special Needs Trusts in the US.

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