Mission-Aligned Investing Consulting

As a mission-driven organization with capital to invest as well as to use to further a mission – an educational institution with an endowment, a foundation with an endowment, or a private sector company – you and your team may be somewhere in the decision continuum about where and how to allocate some or all of that capital to impact investments. You are in excellent company.

That is not an easy process, and there are a number of participants in it with a stake in the outcome. While broad interests may be aligned, typically the process involves managing conflicting priorities while making a series of tough calls that include the percentage of assets to allocate, the degree of social and investment impact the allocation should have, timing, investment process, the specific social and investment metrics and benchmarks of the portfolio, and more.

We can help facilitate this important initiative. We are completely free of conflict with all other professional services providers involved. We do not manage money and we do not accept fees for placing investments. We do work in partnership with your current trusted advisers to add two things: a specific expertise in impact investing earned over decades in the investment industry, and the ability to facilitate the decision-making process to a positive outcome as defined by its participants. We look forward to a conversation to understand more about how you are thinking about impact investing.