More than 43 million people – one in seven – in the US have a disability. The cost of living with a disability is 28% higher than living without one, according to the National Disability Institute.

There are more than 100 national and regional pooled special needs trust administrators across the county. They offer a wide variety of services and trust administration solutions at different cost structures that are often more approachable than individual special needs trusts.

SNFSi makes searching, sorting, and identifying the most suitable solutions for each person and circumstance a straightforward and accessible process.

The SNFSi nonprofit pooled special needs trust administrator (PSNT) database is continually updated, and profiles and rates providers across the country. The database includes ratings, fees and services, and in-depth information about key provider metrics.

professional Subscription
  • Full database access
  • $25 month/user
  • Support and training
  • Max of 25 users per organization
Enterprise Subscription
  • Full database access with custom criteria
  • Customized support and training
  • $25 month/user
    • Personalized fee-sharing between organization and users
  • Enterprise fee may apply based on extent of customization
  • Min of 25 users per organization

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