Special Needs Financial Services Institute™ (SNFSi™)

Disability impacts more than 1:7 Americans directly and touches many more lives indirectly. Lifetime costs to support a person with a disability are significant; planning, financial tools, resources, programs, and intergenerational support are all critical to a successful outcome.

More than thirteen percent (13.2%) of the population – over forty (40) million people – face this situation. Their needs exceed the availability of products, services, and support in the market today.

We believe that not enough attention is being paid to financial planning for this fragile group of people and that high quality products, industry transparency, and increased access to special needs financial services providers can help solve that problem.

The Special Needs Financial Services Institute (SNFSi) is an independent research organization specializing in researching financial products for people with disabilities and the organizations that provide them.

The SNFSi National PSNT Database includes detailed profiles and ratings of the more than 100 Pooled Special Needs Trust administrators across the US. This database is available by subscription.

We produce annual industry benchmarking data. In 2020 we published the first annual Pooled Special Needs Trust (PSNT) Industry Report. We’ll update this later in 2021.

We are a resource for special needs financial services providers who want objective industry information and benchmarking to make informed decisions about their businesses.


To resources and tools for practitioners and providers.


To independent, objective analysis.


Expand reach and demonstrate commitment to people with disabilities and those who care for them.