Special Needs Financial Services Institute™ (SNFSI™)

Pooled Special Needs Trust (PSNT) Intelligence and Services: Building Connections for Growth

Disability impacts 1:7 Americans directly and touches many more lives indirectly. Lifetime costs to support a person with a disability are significant; planning, financial tools, resources, programs, and intergenerational support are all critical to a successful outcome. While 13% of the population face this situation, their need exceeds the wide availability of products, services, and support in the market today.

SNFSITM builds connections between a little-known group of providers in this space – Pooled Special Needs Trusts – and the financial services ecosystem. This includes advisors who work with people and families who can benefit from these programs, and companies and organizations who provide services to SNFSI members.

More than one hundred nonprofits around the country administer Pooled Special Needs Trusts (PSNTs), providing stewardship of beneficiary assets and other important services to people with disabilities. SNSFI™ researches, evaluates, and ranks the 100+ pooled special needs trust administrators, enabling us to provide rich, data-driven guidance to industry stakeholders.

This intelligence powers the advisory services we provide to Pooled Special Needs Trust leadership to support their work building and growing sustainable organizations. It is equally valuable to financial services and other allied professionals who would like to identify PSNT programs that best fit their clients’ and organization’s needs.

SNSFITM Solutions

  • Industry data, including scorecard-based & custom research
  • Industry costs and fees
  • Trust Administrator business development & infrastructure advice
  • Trust investment reviews
  • Board of Director and leadership onboarding
  • Broker/Dealer and RIA sales strategy
  • Keynotes, speaking engagements & workshops

Let us know if your needs are other than what is listed here.

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