Special Needs Financial Services Institute™ (SNFSi™)

Visibility & Connections for Growth

Disability impacts 1:7 Americans directly and touches many more lives indirectly. Lifetime costs to support a person with a disability are significant; planning, financial tools, resources, programs, and intergenerational support are all critical to a successful outcome. Thirteen percent (13%) of the population face this situation and their need exceeds the availability of products, services, and support in the market today.

The Special Needs Financial Services Institute (SNFSi) expands the use of financial products and services by people with disabilities and those who care for them. We conduct and publish independent research and analysis of Pooled Special Needs Trusts (PSNTs) and connect the industry to individuals and institutions who need these products. Our comprehensive, objective due diligence provides clarity and visibility, supporting growth and best practices within the special needs financial services industry generally and with PSNTs specifically.


PSNT membership in SNFSi builds and reinforces your organization’s market presence and provides exclusive access to SNFSi data, materials, consultation, and community.


Subscriber access to independent, continually updated entity-level and industry-wide data and intelligence makes it easy to discern and evaluate specific pooled trusts among the broad array of available business models, trust terms, cost structures, and ancillary services.


Sponsorship of SNFSi provides an efficient and effective channel for building recognition of your firm and services with PSNT industry members and aligned industry segments and demonstrates market leadership